Electric Arc, 2016

Fotografía, 38 x 28,5 cm

Pupitre: hierro, 80 x 84 x 82,5 cm

Libro, 24 x 16 cm

Electric Arc is an installation consisting of a news report, a book and a desk. The news report appeared in the magazine Crónica on 7 February 1937 and it is about the inauguration of the Workers’ Institute in Valencia. It explains the innovative teaching plan and is illustrated with a photograph showing a group of prospective pupils posing with the desks in the middle. The book, entitled La guerra civil española (The Spanish Civil War), was written by Hugh Thomas and was the first book to be published in Paris, in 1961, by Ruedo Ibérico, founded by Spanish exiles. The desk is a replica similar to the one that appears in the photograph. The measurements of the rectangles of the desktop and the seat have been altered, taking as a reference the proportions of the picture that appears on the book cover, designed by André Gürtler, since the two rectangular shapes closely resemble the outline of a desk viewed from above. The title Electric Arc refers to the electric discharge that takes place between a positive and a negative electrode, in other words, the gap between the news report, which represents hope, and the book, which summarises its ending.